Woodworker Crafts A Clever, ‘Impossible’ Dovetail Mallet

Legend has it that the design was created by Abraham Lincoln, to ensure the mallet head would never loosen. Whether that’s true or not, it’s a cool design.

Absolutely gorgeous finished product, the only thing I would do is fill the hole where the lathe was in the tenon, other than that it’s perfect.

Woodworker Crafts A Clever, 'Impossible' Dovetail Mallet

Hilariously enough, despite Abraham Lincoln having worked as a rail splitter, he despised physical labor . His father rented him out to neighbors for long hours and then took all his money (all the money one earned until age 18 went to one’s parents in those days) . It might be that this early experience eventually lead to Lincoln’s anti-slavery stance, and in turn, the emancipation of all the slaves .

Bonus: Lincoln was quite the inventor . He designed a sort of airbag that prevented ships from sinking in shallow water, he is the only American President with a patent for his invention.

Great work ! Beautiful mallet !

source: Third Coast Craftsman