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Woman Shares Picture of Miscarried Baby.


Woman Shares Picture of Miscarried Baby.

Woman Shares Picture of Miscarried Baby.

  • The 40-year-old didn’t want the fetus to be disposed of as medical waste 
  • She took it home and kept it in the fridge for a week before burying it in garden

It’s an age old question that will never have an answer, though debating it has been of interest to many.  At what time does life begin?

Many people will tell you that it begins at conception, others say at birth.  The law has its own view and that’s somewhere after 16-20 weeks of gestation.

Though we could go on forever about the ideals each of us hold, there will not be a definitive answer to this question.  This is one of the main

reasons for the enormous abortion controversy that has divided the world into pro-choice and pro-life people.

Sharran Sutherland hoped to shed a different light on the controversy through her own experience.  Though many people may not understand

what she has done, or even find it morbid or gross, she chose to grieve differently than most people do. Devastated after her 14 week old pregnancy

ended unexpectedly in a miscarriage, she and her husband decided to take the fetus home with them.  Sharran made a saline solution to preserve her

baby’s body and put him in the refrigerator.  During the span of a week she was able to take pictures of her child and mourn the loss by spending time with him.

Sharran took pictures of all of him but decided to make public the ones that showed the tiny developed hand and foot.  She said that she

was stunned and amazed at how developed and mature the fetus was.  She had a calling to tell the world that her baby was formed perfectly by 14 weeks gestation.

She wondered how many other women had no idea of how developed a baby was at this early stage in the pregnancy.  She began to wonder

how many abortions would be rethought if only the women could see that they were carrying an actual baby and not just a blob of cells.  With these

thoughts in mind, she decided to go public with it all.

She says that even though she is Christian, she wasn’t trying to shame or lay guilt on a woman that had or will decide to abort.  She wanted

to enlighten the women that remained in the dark about the stages of pregnancy.  Her posts went viral and caught the attention of anti-abortion

groups quickly.  Although she had the best intentions, sides were quickly taken.  One of her close friends was considering having an abortion at the time, though Sharran knew nothing about it.  After seeing the pictures that Sharran had posted she changed her mind and did not abort her baby.

We all grieve in our own way.  Grief is a personal event that strikes each person in a different way.  Sharran’s grief gave her a desire to tell people that her son was perfect at 14 weeks gestation and that her grief was real.  After a week of deep mourning, Sharran and her husband buried the baby’s little body in a flower planter in their backyard.  She said that idea of having blossoming flowers once a year would always remind her of him.  In the meanwhile, her story has moved many people and has given way to take a second look at abortion.  Is it the right thing for your or not?  There is only one person who can decide that and it is you.

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