Why do bananas have that curved shape?

Simple. Bananas contain a chemical called Auxin that makes them grow towards the sun. Auxin is a plant hormone, and affects how the plant responds to sunlight, with respect to growth and shaping., they experience a curious process: they turn up in search for the sun, taking its characteristic curve shape. Did you know they do it to survive?

A curious phenomenon of survival

Bananas once a certain development has been achieved, experience a natural process called ‘negative geotropism’. Basically this means that, instead of growing continually towards the ground, they turn towards the sun to get light. Just as sunflowers seek the sun, bananas also do it.

What would happen if bananas grew sideways, in straight line?

The plant would lose balance and not bear the weight of the fruit. The Sun is indispensable for the growth of fruits. Don’t you think curious?

While they are developing they are still heading to the ground.

At some point they experience the negative geotropismo, which means, they seek the sun up, which forces them to turn in the opposite direction, forming a curve.

So bananas developed a way of growing towards the light without destabilising the plant.. Witty, right?

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