This ‘strange’ Sea Creature is actually a Square Starfish

That’s right. Square starfish do exist. Mutations can be one of the drivers of evolution. And sometimes they can just be fascinating, like this mutant Magnificent Biscuit Starfish (Tosia magnifica). Its mutation has removed one of its five limbs, making it square!

Does the square shape affect starfish life ? Or what is their average lifespan expectancy? The truth is that there is very little information about it.

Some might think that being square would be very difficult for her to ‘walk’ or move. But we must remember that starfish don’t actually use their main limbs to move as they have hundreds of small feet at their bottom.

square starfish

They also use their ‘feet’ to feed themselves, the starfish can open shellfish like clams and oysters with their feet.

Although they lack arms, square starfish can lead a relatively normal life. What do you think?

[Via: Reddit, ScienceAlert]