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This Record-Breaking Dog Jump He’s Been Dubbed The ‘Michael Jordan Of Dogs’

There are certain icons of sport that are so transcendent, they change their respective sports forever—Jordan, Tiger, Serena.

But there is one athlete you’ve probably never heard of who also belongs in that rarified air, one who can run faster and jump higher than all of them: His name is Spitfire, and he’s a 7-year-old Whippet.

But what makes Spitfire so special is more than the fact that he has four legs, it’s the powerful bond he has with his trainer, a 15-year-old girl named Sydney.

He even leaves his tongue out like Jordan.

Look At The Air, Look At The Hang Time, Look At The Flying Motion!

Together, they are rewriting the record books of the canine sports world. Mina Kimes brings you their unforgettable story.

Source: ESPN