They find ‘strange’ Sea Creature called “alien with tentacles” in Alaska

The sea depths hide ‘strange’ creatures that appear to be from another planet. Proof of this is this ‘rare’ creature found on the coast of Alaska. Some people said it was an ‘alien with tentacles’.

A Facebook video shows the moment a fisherman finds this rare creature. Some people commented that it looked like live spaghetti, an extraterrestrial or melted cheese.

What is this strange sea creature?

It’s a basket star. These creatures are related to starfish and although they look strange they are found in cold and deep waters around the world. The orange species that recently went viral on social networks is likely to be Gorgonocephalus eucnemi, although experts say it is difficult to distinguish species from marine baskets.

The basket star was accidentally caught while Sarah Vasser-Alford, along with her family and friends fishing for halibut on the coast of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.

They watched this incredible creature as it moved his desperate arms. Eventually the creature was returned to the sea.

The basket stars are from the echinoderm family. They are related to starfish.


Sea stars extend their arms in the form of hooks to catch their prey, such as krill or small crustaceans. Then, once he hooks his food, he takes it to his mouth, a star-shaped opening. They are seen in corals, rocks, sponges or sometimes on the seabed.

Don’t you think it’s amazing, this marine sea creature?