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The ‘strange’ fish that needs to get out of the water to breathe and not die drowned

It was in 1797, when a certain person who worked at “The Danish East India Company” spoke about a freshwater fish that could climb palm trees.

Breathing out of the water

It can breathe out of the water, thanks to an additional compartment that has on top of his gill chambers and so can live about six days out of the water.

Although he can live in the water, the reality is that from time to time, it has to climb to the surface to get some air, otherwise it could die drowned in water. Since the fish gills are very small.

Can walk and climb

This amazing fish can leave a lagoon that is drying up to travel to another lagoon and “walks” at a speed of 180 meters per hour. To advance, uses its opercules (or gill cover) and tail.

Some people have also seen the perch climbing trees and palm trees about 2 meters high in search of food.

In 2015, some scientists mentioned that this fish caused the death of some birds that wanted to eat it when it was wandering on the earth so it was considered as a threat, and nevertheless, it remains surprising for being a fish that can live out of the water.