The story of the woman who is 40 years old and gave birth to 44 children  

Mariam Nabatanzi, a Ugandan woman had a problem in her ovaries so her fertility was unusual. After departing several times from twins to triplets and quadruplets her husband left her. Six of the children died.

Mariam Nabatanzi gave birth to twins a year after marrying at age 12. They were followed by five pairs of twins, four of triplets and five of quadruplets. Three years ago, the 40-year-old Ugandan woman was abandoned by her husband, who left her alone with 38 children – six died – coming with her in precarious homes in Kasawo, Uganda.

After her first twins were born, Nabatanzi went to a doctor who told her that she had unusually large ovaries. He then recommended not to use contraceptives, such as pills, because they could cause health problems. So the kids kept coming.

“I’ll keep fighting to make sure that my children always have something to eat. Never abandon them, even though we spend bad times in the struggle to survive, “she told reporters.

Mariam took the occasion to give some advice to all men: “Do not forget your responsibility, because marriage and parenting is a joint responsibility.”

Thanks to web portal Gofundme, have raised a number of donations to improve the quality of life in Africa of Mariam Nabatanzi and her 38 children. It should be noted that some of them are still in school.