Talented craftsmen created a table “washed” by incredibly realistic waves (16 photos)

As the saying goes, “Two head are better than one”. Ocean-inspired artist (Rivka Wilkins) and woodworker (Jared Davis) come together to create an original table that looks like it is washed by ocean waves.

table ocean waves

Artist Rivka Wilkins and woodworker Jared Davis joined forces to work on a rather interesting project, and the result is a great example of what can be achieved with creative skills.

Davis made a giant walnut table out of a piece of wood, after which the artist was able to come off to the fullest and realize all the ideas that arose in her head. As a result, Wilkins, inspired by the ocean, decorated Davis’ piece of furniture with layers of resin, thanks to which the tree came to life and began to resemble a sandy shore near the ocean, which the mighty waves are trying to bend under themselves.

Layers of resin are perfectly interwoven in this furniture set, consisting of a coffee table and benches, which are decorated in such a way that it seems as if the streams of powerful ocean water in the form of waves washes the shore. Thanks to her skill, Wilkins was not only able to breathe life into the classic wood texture, but also made these pieces of furniture a unique work of art, which has its own aesthetics and feelings.
table covered with waves of resin

While the bench and table are mostly covered with waves of resin, the design also has a small area of the original color, acting as a shore. Davis opened the remaining wooden part with solid wax oil to not only give it an almost dull surface, but also to protect it from wear.

Both details are available on Davis’s Etsy store page: the table will cost a potential buyer an impressive $2,000, while a bench sells for $1700.

Below you can see a few more pictures of these expensive, but incredibly beautiful products