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Square Waves – dangerous Natural Phenomenon

If you ever see square-like patterns forming in the ocean, it is highly recommended that you should immediately leave the waters as there’s a good chance you might lose your life.

ocean patterns waves

Did you know that there are actually many different types of waves? At the beach, we are used to seeing this type of wave hitting the shoreline.

beach waves shoreline

However, this natural phenomenon is known as square waves or cross sea waves and is extremely dangerous.

square wave

Square waves are created when the wind from one side continues to move in the same direction and clashes with the wind moving from the opposite side, which causes the waves made by the new wind to run at an angle, creating a square-like pattern in the ocean.

square-like pattern in the ocean

This wave looks completely harmless on the surface, however, the square waves create extremely deadly water currents underwater. Theoretically, square waves have the potential to capsize massive ships. Ships are engineered and designed to hit on waves head-on, but cannot keep afloat if the waves are hitting the ship from multiple angles.

The square wave phenomenon occurs more often at Île de Ré island located to the west coast of France.

square wave phenomenon France

Square waves create extremely dangerous riptides, so make sure you’re not swimming in the waters when you see this natural phenomenon. Thankfully, square waves rarely happen, but it is still important to know what they are.

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