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Smoke explosion Backdraft in 4K (Slow Mo Guys)


Smoke explosion Backdraft in 4K (Slow Mo Guys)

Smoke explosion Backdraft in 4K (Slow Mo Guys)

4k slow motion backdraft – 1000 degree room

The Slow Mo Guys, Gav and Dan, offer us a spectacular smoke explosion filmed in 4K slow motion.

One way is to predict backdraft – by intensity how air with smoke are sucked back in near opened window downside.. before backdraft, it’s slow down but smoke try to straighten up.. Very noticeable in slow motion.. 😉

In real time all happened very quickly.. Anyway, firefighters gets slow motion video to better understand nature of fire..

source: The Slow Mo Guys

An smoke explosion can be caused in two ways: the sudden ignition of a confined atmosphere, saturated with unburned gases and graphite particles, under the effect of an external oxygen supply or the sudden inflammation of a smoke mixed with air under the effect of an activation energy (heat, spark).

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