She Looked at The Dream as if Swallowing The Ring, But After Waking Up Surprised To Discover The Truth

More than a dream, it was a nightmare, one experienced by 29-year-old Jenna Evans, a resident of San Diego, United States.

During the night she had a “very strange” dream after confessing in a post she posted on Facebook.

“My boyfriend and I were in a very awkward, weird situation involving a high-speed train and the bad ones.” Jenna’s message continues, explaining that “Bobby told me that I had to swallow the ring to protect it; so I took it, put it in my mouth and swallowed it with a glass of water. ” The girl then woke up suddenly, realizing she no longer had the engagement ring on her finger.

She then decided to wake up his boyfriend Bobby to tell her about the dream and they went to the hospital together. Ironically, the X-rays taken by her doctor found in the 29-year-old’s stomach nothing less than a 2.4-carat ring.

Instead of waiting for “nature to take its course,” reports the National Institute of Health, the girl underwent an endoscopy that removed the jewel from her stomach.

“Everything went well, they found my ring just at the bottom of my stomach, in the gut, they took it and gave it to Bobby, not me,” Jeanna says on Facebook, ensuring that now, before going to sleep, he always prefers to remove the rings from her fingers and place them on the bedside table.