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Report: Mark Harmon Cancelled ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Over Scott Bakula Feud


Report: Mark Harmon Cancelled ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Over Scott Bakula Feud

Report: Mark Harmon Cancelled ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Over Scott Bakula Feud

Is Mark Harmon to blame for the cancellation of NCIS: New Orleans..? According to one tabloid, Harmon had the series canceled in order to sabotage his rival Scott Bakula. Gossip Cop is investigating.

‘Stabbed In The Bak-ula!’

According to the Boston Globe, “Mark Harmon plotted to have NCIS: New Orleans canceled and rival Scott Bakula taken off the air.” According to sources, Harmon “wanted to save his own series from declining ratings and felt Scott… was stealing his spotlight.” Harmon used his clout at CBS to get Bakula fired after he “saw how fans were reacting to Scott and he didn’t like it.”

According to sources, the two have been feuding “since the ’90s, when Mark captured hearts on Chicago Hope and Scott won a slew of awards on Quantum Leap.” According to a source, Harmon’s “old insecurities and jealousy started to fester again,” so he used the sagging ratings of NCIS: New Orleans as “the excuse” for cancellation. “CBS gives Mark whatever he wants because there wouldn’t be an NCIS without him — and he knows it!” the article concludes.

Mark Harmon And Scott Bakula Are Fine

Scott Bakula and Mark Harmon get along just fine. Harmon was the executive producer personally responsible for NCIS: New Orleans, and when the show first aired, he said of Bakula, “I’ve known Scott for years, and he’s worked with my wife, and we’ve known the same people and run into each other a bunch of times.”

Why would Harmon put Bakula in charge of a spin-off series only to betray him seven years later? It simply does not make sense. This story also claimed that NCIS was in danger of being canceled due to low ratings, but it fails to mention that it is still the highest-rated drama series on television.

Harmon did not cancel a show he produces in order to exact 30 years of vengeance. NCIS: New Orleans, which had decent ratings during its seven-year run, was axed in part to make room for a new spin-off, NCIS: Hawaii. This is a false and inaccurate story.

Other Silly Mark Harmon Stories

Back in 2019, Gossip Cop exposed the Globe for falsely claiming that Harmon was leaving NCIS. He’s still on the hit show, but that hasn’t stopped tabloids from spreading false information about him.

Mark Harmon is frequently targeted by the National Enquirer. It recently claimed that he was a rude hermit on set, and it made up a feud between Harmon and Tom Selleck. For some reason, tabloids enjoy making up rivalries for Harmon. The cancellation of NCIS: New Orleans was not motivated by a personal vendetta against Scott Bakula.

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