Poland: Priests burn copies of Harry Potter and Twilight

According to Jan Kucharski, exorcist and parish priest of Our Lady-Mother-Church in Gdansk, “it was not about burning any books but objects associated with magic and occultism. “

Catholic priests have announced that they have burned in public this weekend in Poland the volumes of the famous Harry Potter and twilight sagas that they deem sacrilegious.

“We obey the word” divine, explained on the Facebook page of the religious group Fundacja SMS Z NIEBA.

It shows three priests carrying through a church, then towards an open fire just outside the building, a basket of books, including episodes of the adventures of Harry Potter, the young Wizard imagined by J. K. Rowling, and those of the vampire Edward Cullen , written by Stephenie Meyer, alongside other objects such as an African-style mask.

They recite prayers over the fireplace, in which are also burning a Hello Kitty umbrella and a Hindu figurine.

A passage, which urges believers to destroy the “enemies of God,” includes in this regard the following sentence: “you will burn their idols with fire taken from Deuteronomy, one of the Old Testament books.

Magic and occultism

According to Jan Kucharski, exorcist and parish priest of this parish of Our Lady-Mother-Church in Gdansk, in northern Poland, “it was not about burning any books but objects associated with the magic and occultism. Besides these books, there were other objects, amulets, talismans brought by the faithful. It’s time to put things in order. “

“We know well what is detrimental, not good for the faithful, hence this formula say Evangelical of the event. Certainly, some may feel shocked, but those who know the divine spirit will understand, “he explained at the NA Temat website.

This took place “after the mass of 10am Sunday morning, at 11am. And those offerings that were made (at Church) throughout the week were gathered in front of the Church and there was a fire, “narrated an anonymous parishioner at the private TV channel TVN24.

Contacted on Monday morning, the Polish episcopate and the local bishop acknowledged the existence of this burning but refused to make any comment.

In the evening, the spokesman of the bishopric of Koszalin, from where the Textos of heaven Foundation came, condemned the Act of burning books, while denouncing “the spiritual dangers associated with occultism and magic” which have “a destructive impact on many people “.

“Burning books, I find it inappropriate,” told PAP press agency father Wojciech Parfianowicz.

The Facebook status of Textos of heaven has become viral, which is the subject of countless reactions.

“I would like to believe that this is a joke […] Seriously? Can people burn fantastic literature in the 21st century during a ritual of bad taste?, questioned a Facebook user under the message appearing on the Foundation page.

Others, on the other hand, have approved the approach of priests: “get rid of everything that displeases God and you will see how your life is going to change”, one can read in particular.