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Poisonous scorpion, leaves old shell behind

Poisonous scorpion, leaves old shell behind

Nature sometimes does strange things. Take this poisonous scorpion from the following video. Leaves the old skin behind and that is quite a challenge. Timelapse video shows the entire process. Interesting overall though.

Animal lover captures rare and chilling time-lapse of a ‘Deathstalker’ scorpion shedding its exoskeleton.

Gordon Reilly, 43, filmed the female as she emerged into the light in her new form having discarded her former shell.

According to the scorpion keeper, who lives with over 120 of creatures in his California home, this may be the only existing time lapse of a Leiurus Jordanensis moulting.

Commonly known as the ‘Deathstalker’, they are among the most toxic scorpions and due to this risk it’s advised that they are only kept by professionally trained handlers.

Credits: @venom_macro

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