NCIS Fans Demand Gibbs’ Return Following a Nod to His Former Boss in McGee’s Latest Struggle

NCIS fans noticed a reference to the show’s former leading man, Gibbs, in the latest episode of the CBS drama.

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) said his final goodbye to NCIS at the start of season 19. An entire season later, his influence is still felt on the team, with McGee (Sean Murray) paying tribute to his former mentor in episode nine of season 20 when he decides to resume his writing hobby. Needless to say, CBS viewers everywhere appreciated the nod to the show’s long-serving lead actor.

The reference to Gibbs came when McGee told the team about his desire to resurrect the fictional “Agent Tibbs.”

“What mystery will Special Agent Tibbs tackle next?” Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) inquired, eliciting amusement from the newest agent, Jessica Knight (Katrina Law).

“Your main character’s name is Special Agent Tibbs?” a surprised Knight inquired, before McGee clarified: “Gibbs and Tibbs are two completely different people.”

McGee was clearly struggling to put on paper what Tibbs would be up to next, explaining that the character, like his former boss, was taking a break.

Torres saw an opportunity to have some fun and suggested the introduction of Miami detective Rick Sorres.

McGee’s struggles with his latest novel, however, were revealed when he stated, “Novel’s going great, I’m just having some trouble getting started.”

McGee’s wife Delilah (Margo Harshman), who made a welcome return in episode nine, weighed in, implying McGee’s problems are the result of Gibbs’ absence.

“(You’ve) barely written a word since Gibbs left for Alaska,” she said. “It’s not Gibbs who makes you great.”

Delilah tried to reassure her other half, “Your fans will be so excited to read a new Deep Six mystery.”

McGee, on the other hand, found a sweet solution to his problems, telling Delilah, “LJ Tibbs is retired, remember?” So I’ve created a new main character who I believe fans will enjoy as much as I do.

“Her name is Delena Flemming, and she’s a beautiful, brilliant cryptologist.”

“Does Delena get to solve cr1mes alongside her equally brilliant husband?” Delilah inquired, clearly moved by the gesture.

“You just have to wait and see,” McGee teased, demonstrating that he is able to move on from Gibbs’ absence thanks to Delilah’s support.

While the novel discussion laid the groundwork for McGee to finally accept that Gibbs is no longer with him on the field, it did leave some fans hoping for the two to reunite in the future.

Serena Nelson expressed her emotional reaction on Twitter, writing, “@SeanHMurray just a reference back to Gibbs/McGee goodbye scene ‘Great Wide Open’ still hits my heart.” #NCIS.”

While @TheKevNation concurred, saying, “I know that feeling McGee. “We all miss Gibbs #NCIS,” she wrote, followed by a crying emoji.

“#NCIS Gibbs and Mike Franks have to come back for one episode,” said another fan, Kadri Hajdari.

Lindsie Rodgers, recognizing the underlying theme between McGee and Delilah, added, “Delilah knows that her husband is frustrated because Gibbs stayed in Alaska.” #NCIS.”

“Leon, Al, and Nick are now speaking up to Jared into his office while working on the undercover case and he’s an FBI agent?!!” said Sam Gonzalez. Delilah and McGee are speaking out about Will’s murd3r at the lab while mentioning Gibbs!! @NCIS CBS #NCIS.”

While @the el zy dissected McGee’s explanation, he said, “Tibbs is not like Gibbs.” But, since Gibbs is taking a break, Tibbs will as well. Lol. What about @NCIS CBS @SeanHMurray #NCIS?”

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