Malaysian soldier Tames Snake With His Bare Hands

A show of cobra tamers is gathered by many spectators: this amazing ability to hypnotize venomous snakes seems almost like a magical gift.

Especially this case is loved in the East, where there are whole families that from generation to generation engaged only in this profession – the training of poisonous snakes.

In this video, a Malaysian army soldier demonstrates his ability to control a cobra.

Young cobras bite more often and are generally more aggressive, and it is impossible to raise snakes, because they are not dogs and cats.

If you treat poisonous snakes incorrectly, they will attack and the consequences will be sad.

Cobras are purchased on a regular market, where snake catchers sell them as vegetables and fruits. For example, in the market in India, one cobra can be purchased for a very low price.

There are resort to additional safety techniques, when working with particularly dangerous cobras.

Reptiles simply remove poisonous teeth and sometimes even sew up the mouth. Tearing out cobra’s teeth is also not easy – it needs to tease her for a long time and make grip her teeth in a piece of hard tissue, then the person abruptly pulls the fabric and the snake remains without poisonous teeth.

But the snake has a peculiarity – poisonous teeth grow back, therefore these security measures are temporary, and besides the snake has small poisonous teeth, which are also potentially dangerous.

Snakes are not ceremonial, but in this video the soldier was able to skillfully hypnotize a huge cobra without resorting to safety techniques. Most likely, in the family of the soldier were charmers or those who knew how to handle such animals, because near the end of the video the soldier skillfully takes the snake by the jaw and blocks it from opening the mouth.

Watch the full video here: