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Little lamb running back and forth looking for *mommy*


Little lamb running back and forth looking for *mommy*

Little lamb running back and forth looking for *mommy*

This little lamb can hear its owner calling for him, but doesn’t really know where the sound is coming from.

I’ve been lambing once, so I know how cute they are to be around. But, to have one as a pet, that’s possibly the most adorable thing ever!

Adorable little lamb follows his human mom everywhere she go, except this time got lost trying to figure out from where her voice is coming as it can be heard saying, “Where’s B?”

That’s when the lovely lamb start running out of one of the rooms, across the hall into the next room, trying to locate the owner voice which is right at the end of the hallway.

You can watch the video below.

Oh my goodness. At 0:10, that little jump-prance… I didn’t think it was possible for a real animal to actually do that. For once, the cartoons didn’t lie to me, a YouTube commenter wrote.

The confused little lamb takes big hops in the rooms, until finally catches on. It peeks its head out the door and looks to its left..

“Where’s B?” the owner asks as the lamb looks at her before running toward her, happy to finally find her mommy.

Source: Emile Verwaaijen

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