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Koalas Approached Cyclists On The Road To Seek Water

In record heat Australia and South Australia, where temperature have risen to 40 degrees, koalas approached cyclists on the road to seek water.

This is sooo heartbreaking

This is very yelling about the desperation of the koala. My grandfather was in Australia many many times. Everytime I said how cute they were, my grandpa would tell me they instinctively don’t like people. So, for them to willing approach people shows their desperate circumstance.

Fires are threatening the lives of koalas in Australia. Rescuers and good Samaritans are doing what they can to save the endangered koalas.

Cyclists in Adelaide stopped in their tracks to give a parched koala some water. After giving water from seven bottles to the animal, the group cycled home thirsty in 40 degree heat. Australia is the animal’s natural habitat, and the only place where koalas can be found living in the wild.