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Historical event that science has not been able to explain

History versus Science

In 1932 in Carbon County, Wyoming two men, Cecil Mayne and Frank Carr, were prospecting for gold when they blasted through some thick rock. When the dust cleared they were surprised to find a little room about four feet tall, by four feet wide and fifteen feet long. This is when they found the mummy of a little person.

DNA proves that the mummy is Native American. The scientific community only agrees with that one point, then they have different points of view on the mummy. Some scientist from the University of Wyoming say, that the mummy is the remains of an infant with anencephaly. The other side of the scientific community from Harvard say, that this was a sixty-five year old adult. The mummy has been missing for years so no additional testing can be done.

According to local Native American legend, there was a tribe of vicious miniature warriors that lived in the area. That may explain why the mummy had a full set of canines that were very pointed. They could have been filed to bite his enemy. Who knows? The scientists don’t.

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