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Here are 5 very good reasons to eat chocolate, it’s scientific


Here are 5 very good reasons to eat chocolate, it’s scientific

Here are 5 very good reasons to eat chocolate, it’s scientific

The love of chocolate knows no social or ethnic boundaries and concerns both children and adults.

Unfortunately, a hard-headed idea encourages us not to befriend him too much.

Let’s thank science for putting things back in their place! Life is not only a little more beautiful with chocolate, but it seems that the benefits of sweet delicacy directly affect our health!

To lose weight

That seems completely surreal! However, it seems that following a specific course of eating, eating chocolate could help us better respect our diet. This is a study conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv University that reveals that eating chocolate very early in the day could dissuade us from cracking up later in the day for treats or other types of foods deemed unsavory. on the diet plan!

Beneficial effect on the brain

Specifically, it would be dark chocolate. Neuropsychologist Diane Roberts Stoler explains that dark chocolate helps reduce the risk of inflammation from a head injury, but also boosts your memory with a specific type of flavanol that can also combat mood swings and depression ! While many prefer dark chocolate milk chocolate, learning to love dark chocolate milk may help you feel better about yourself!

Balm your heart

And not only figuratively! Many studies agree that dark chocolate (still him) can defend you against heart disease! And when we know that heart failure is the leading cause of death in the United States, there is something to think about! Eating a little dark chocolate every day could help you live a little longer!

Makes your skin soft

This time it was German scientists who managed to prove that chocolate could protect your skin! Once again flavanol is at the origin of this effect by actively acting against the most harmful rays of the sun! This does not mean having to spread the body of melted chocolate or spread, but just eat a little chocolate every day!

Make you live longer

Indeed, we could see that chocolate was at the origin of many beneficial effects for our organism. It could also reduce the risk of diabetes and even prevent us from certain types of cancer! The best testimony for this idea is that of Jeanne Calment, former dean of humanity who consumed a kilo of chocolate each week until the age of 119 before leaving us three years later. If chocolate lovers do not become obviously all centenarians, the more reasonable should however benefit from the benefits mentioned here and live a little longer!

Convinced by the benefits of chocolate?

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