From Love To Wildness: What Happened To This “Couple of Lovers”?

What seemed like an idyllic moment had already turned into hell. An Argentine teenage girl, 17-year-old Lara Samson, was badly hurt by a Kenai dog and this was just when she was being photographed in a hug.

The dog was already furious and started biting him in the face, injuring the girl he loved so much. The photos that Lara herself posted on her Twitter testify to the dire consequences of this unfortunate event.

Lara told local news she wasn’t sure what exactly provoked her dog.

“Maybe I was scared when I hugged her,” she claimed.

Lara had a two-hour operation with 40 stitches.

A veterinarian added in a statement to local news that the dog had bitten the girl due to age and growing pains.