Forget about “Rise of Skywalker”, ‘Kenobi’ Is So Good That We Can’t Believe It’s Not A Real Disney’s trilogy

This film is amazing. I’m having a hard time understanding why Star Wars fans don’t understand why Kenobi isn’t shown at full strength.

When Kenobi went into hiding he very rarely used the force to avoid detection.

Kenobi went into hiding he very rarely used the force to avoid detection

This film does an amazing job showing him reconnecting with the force after years of avoiding it. It’s a perfect demonstration of him struggling to regain his strength and connection with the force.

Kenobi regain his strength and connection with the force

Kenobi essentially had to abandon his connection as not to be detected. Even if he could have instantly regained full strength and connection to the force Palpatine and Vader would have easily detected that surge.

Kenobi full strength and connection

I enjoyed this film because it is true Star Wars. Obi-Wan’s oath to protect Luke brings him to the point where he is questioning the metaphysical reason as to why he still does. He is dealing with the fact that he totally failed. Anakin is not dead but entombed in a nightmarish body. His warning to any survivors, ends up being for nothing. As he hears the news about the new list of Jedi subverts being killed for the safety and security of the Empire. He can no loger hold onto the last bit of hope, that no matter what he was still a Jedi.

He has lost all patience and hope and replaced them with a self made sense of urgency and a light despair. Owen only sees Kenobi as the outsider that brings only trouble with him. The Imperial expansion is soley Kenobi’s fault . Kenobi still has enough faith left in him to not give it up and abandon Luke like he did Anakin.

The Force rewards his faith and shows him that his sacrifice is not in vain. He is given the chance for redemption in his eyes and be the Jedi he is.

The delivery of every single dialogues looked and sounded very professional…
The cinematography is spot on.. It doesn’t looked like that i am watching a fan made video..