Finds strange Sea Creature in Tasmania, touches it ‘gets Hand numb’

A Tasmanian woman found a strange sea creature on beach. She was surprised by the strange find and posted a picture of it on Facebook last Saturday telling what happened.

She says she was walking with her mother on the beach when they saw this strange creature on the shore. Then she came over and touched it. “When I touched it I went numb, it’s slimy but hard, what kind of sea creature is it?” she wrote.

Se also said that her mother’s foot became numb when she accidentally touched against it. The woman added that there were several of them along the water.

This washed up ‘brain’ appeared on a beach in Tasmania but do you know what it is? Source: Facebook

“It looks like a brain. Someone might be missing it,” another woman joked.

What is the strange creature?

Dr. Simon Grove, in charge of invertebrate zoology at Tasmanian Museum, identified the creature as an ascidia, also known as sea potatoes. The ascites are prey for crabs and other sea creatures.

Ascidia – Wikipedia

It’s not known why the woman felt numb after touching the sea creature, however, some ascidias can produce chemicals to fight off potential predators.

So, what’s the lesson?

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