Farmer took 10 years to turn tree into a chair, one of the world’s most beautiful works!

20 years ago, a young man living in the mountains of Australia, Peter “Pook” Cook suddenly wondered if it would be possible to grow his chair into the tree he had planted.

Pook began with his idea of raising trees for years and conducted numerous experiments with different gardening methods and tree types, while all observations were recorded and he managed to do something special.

Credit: Pooktre

Pooktre raised trees by making them coffee tables, bed-ends, and even human-shaped tree called ‘living tree people’.

Apart being completely organic, the chair is very strong!

Credit: Pooktre

He continued throughout his life by planting trees and making chairs.
It’s a pleasure to plant trees and sit on them, something different from others.

How happy these ‘living tree people’ are!

Credit: Pooktre

It looks like living another world full of fantasy and beauty.

Credit: Pooktre | Full Grown