Diving with a great white shark

Amazing and hypnotic video recorded in Hawaiian waters while two people dive with a big white shark. Beautiful footage but extremely dangerous and totally unconscious !!! A Great White Shark is a very Powerful Superpredator, not a pet to touch !!!

The most frequent length among adult white sharks is 5 to 7.5 meters (the males being smaller than females), although there are cases of exceptional individuals that went far beyond these measures.

Oahu, where the video has been filmed, is an American island located in the Central Pacific region. It’s part of the Hawaiian Islands and includes the state capital, Honolulu.

A predator fish is still just a fish, They can be triggered by erratic movement, blood or smells in the water, flashes of light or even territorial invasion.

Flaring of the gills, Mouth movement and fin positions always telegraph a mood.

Once a fish is triggered there isn’t much one can do to escape it’s intentions. This is dangerous and beautiful at the same time and the diver obviously felt confident but does she realize that DB could hear and feel here heartbeat ? Spooky. Nice to see DB still out there cruising though.