Company Is Using Plastic Bottles To Make Roads That Last 10x Longer Than Asphalt

The dangers of plastic use to the environment is now a worldwide problem.

Plastic was invented way back in 1907. Since then, it became one of the modern marvels that transformed everything in our lives. Plastic is used for many things – from storing food, car parts, appliances, and even for our bottled waters. If you have noticed, glass soda bottles are rare these days. Plastic has definitely helped with the advancement of the society, and the world, it is also starting to take over our environment.

Plastic is now considered a hazard not only for humans, but also for animals, plants, and the wildlife. People have tried to do everything they could to find a solution to this problem. Experts have spent nights and days to brainstorm on how to minimize the use of this material. However, most of them seem to have fallen short of coming up with a solution.

However, things are looking up thanks to a company in the United Kingdom that has found a clever way to recycle old plastic bottles and use them to improve the quality of the roads too!

This technique will not only produce a better version of asphalt, but it will also be way cheaper compared to the traditional way of making this road-making material. Plastic just goes to waste and sent to a landfill. So why not use them for a better purpose?

MacRebur has developed a method on how to turn old plastic bottles into renewable asphalt. This is not only an excellent solution, but it will also last longer than the traditional asphalt being used these days.

Toby McCartney, the CEO of MacRebur was working in Southern India with a charity when he came up with this idea. During his stay in India, he wondered why the landfill pickers would collect old plastic. He learned that the people melt these plastics and turn it into filler for the potholes. This is why his company started to create technology.

The result is an upgraded asphalt that would increase the durability and the lifespan of the material. In addition to that, this idea will also lessen the carbon footprint by reducing the amount of fossil fuel that goes into the manufacturing process.

Sure enough, not all kinds of plastics can be used, but most can. This includes the most difficult plastic to recycle – black plastic.

This upgraded asphalt is a mixture of granulated plastic waste and asphalt concrete formula that is used to make roads. The type of plastic that would work for this process should be very specific. The plastic should be labeled as waste. This means that they cannot use new or recycled plastic. Also, the plastic that can be used for this must melt at a specific temperature.

Once the plastic road is done, it will look just like any other asphalt road. But the advantage is, this new road is more flexible. It can better sustain heat and cold. It will also stand stronger against elemental damages. And since this is an enhanced asphalt form, it will last ten times longer and is proven to be 60% stronger.

This is definitely good news for drivers and commuters. Roads stay longer which means there will be fewer cracks and potholes!