Boaters In Louisiana Capture Rare Pink Dolphin

Have you ever seen a pink dolphin? If you haven’t, then this is your chance to finally see one!

First of all, you should know that pink dolphin is not a legend. There’s actually a real one roaming around the waters of Louisiana!

Meet Pinky, the legendary pink dolphin.

Pinky has been roaming around the waters of Louisiana, gracing countless viewers with her appearance. Pinky has a very unique skin color. We know that dolphins have a natural pink belly, but it is very rare to see a dolphin to have a pink color all over their bodies.

According to scientists, pink dolphins have a condition called albinism. Albinism is a genetic defect where the bodies cannot produce the normal chemicals that provide the dolphins with their grey pigment.

Aside from the fact that Pinky cannot completely open her eyes all the way, and her color, she is a normal dolphin. According to People, Pinky was first spotted in 2007. Ever since that day, she has been seen more frequently over the past years. More and more people are hoping that they would be able to spot her too.

Nobody was really sure of Pinky’s gender and many just assumed that she is a female because of her color. But just last year, someone was lucky enough to take a picture of her in action and it was during the mating season.

Captain Erik Rue was the captain of a charter boat. He was the one who was able to capture snapshots of Pinky while she was swimming around Lake Charles, Louisiana. He said that since 2007, there were so many instances where Pinky got too close to his boat. He revealed that Pinky is a very curious dolphin and she loves to swim close to humans, as close as 10 feet on Captain Rue’s boat!

It was in 2015 that Captain Erik Rue swore that he finally was able to figure out Pinky’s gender –Pinky is a female dolphin!

During his interview with ABC News, he said, “I’ve taken a ton of pictures of her mating and it proved she’s a female. I believe I’m the first one who saw her and I know I’m the first one to take pictures of her. ” Because of these natural consequences, some are wondering whether she’s pregnant or not.

If she is, then there is a great chance that she will be giving birth to more pink dolphins.

In fact, a woman named Bridget Boudreaux was with her husband one time and she claimed that they spotted not less than two pink dolphins along the Calcasieu Ship Channel way back in 2017. During an interview with KATC, a local TV station, Boudreaux recalled her experience seeing these pink dolphins, saying, “It was amazing to see. Like I said we saw two but I couldn’t get both on video at the time.

I was astonished. ”

She added, “When we saw the first one, we stopped to watch them all play. There were regular dolphins and then two pink dolphins. They were either mating or eating. We watched them for a while until that ship came and they went towards it.”

In 2018, another video from Thomas Adams surfaced on Facebook and it shows two pink dolphins. It appears to be a mother dolphin with her calf. Everyone is hoping that they will soon see more and more pink dolphins in the Louisiana waters.