Play Store expelled one of the most popular apps for possible fraud

In recent days, Google has been hard working in reviewing the applications on Play Store, since recently the developer of DO Global was expelled from Android store, which is one of the Chinese companies that had several applications under its control, Total had over 600 million downloads.

The reason that Google expelled the applications of DO Global was for possible fraud, and is that we’ve constantly talked about what many applications do to generate false clicks in the ads, situation that not only makes them earn money illegally , but also it harms the users.

ES File Explorer File Manager: expelled for possible fraud

Just for the same reason that Google expelled DO Global and its apps, ES Global has been expelled from the store, and with it has disappeared ES File Explorer file Manager, which is one of the most used and popular file browsers for Android.

This developer had more than 200 million downloads in the Play Store, of which 100 million are directly from ES Explorer, however, Google wants to end once and for all with the problem of advertising fraud in Android and false clicks Background ads.

As we mentioned, this activity normally drains the battery of users, and in some cases installs malware on their devices to generate more money with ads.

We don’t know if ES Global will return to Play Store, but if you use ES File Explorer file Manager the best will be uninstall and use another file browser.