Android had to change thanks to Steve Jobs and his iPhone

Today Android and iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems, and although they are different in many ways, they are also very similar in other aspects, however, Android is as it is thanks to Steve Jobs and his first iPhone.

This doesn’t mean that Android was designed by Steve Jobs, or that the creator of Apple contributed ideas for Android, nor does it mean that Andy Rubin and his team copied iOS in the 2007 for Android to be similar, but the idea that Rubin had on Android was very different As it ended, because Google’s operating system was not intended for phones.

The beginnings of Android

When Andy Rubin and his team began to develop Android, the operating system was not intended to be used on phones, for that was already Nokia with Symbian and BlackBerry with its own operating system. And is that if we take into account that the development of Android started in 2003, then we understand why it had not been thought of as an operating system for phones.

Instead, Android was a OS for digital cameras, in fact, the first manufacturer to whom Andy Rubin offered Android went to Samsung, but it did not seem an interesting idea. It was until 2005 when Google noticed Rubin and his project, and decided to buy it, because the company knew that the project had a great future, especially considering that the original idea was that the cameras automatically upload the photos to the cloud.

There were many doubts about whether Android should be an operating system for phones, because it did not seem to be an idea that could win in the market. But everything changed when Steve Jobs presented in 2007 the first iPhone, there Google knew it was on the right track, and was in 2008 when introduced first Android phone, the HTC G1, also known as HTC Dream.

The funny thing is that Google realized that Rubin’s idea could adapt to mobile phones with just a few changes, so it didn’t cost much work to adapt the interface to a phone.

From then on Android evolved to become the most used operating system in the world, being the main rival of iOS in the market.