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A tender beluga rescues a tourist’s phone from the bottom of the sea

Nature never stops surprising us and a clear example of this is this tender beluga that rescues a tourist smartphone who accidentally drop it into the sea.

The memorable event took place in Norway and, through a video posted on Instagram account of Isa Opdahl, it’s possible to see the cetacean coming to the surface with mobile device in its mouth.

Belugas are intelligent and sometimes friendly. They don’t often rescue people’s phones, though.
Photo: Wikipedia

In addition, beluga did not hesitate staying a moment out of water to allow tourists to caress her. Young people looks excited as they got back their smartphone, and the whale doesn’t change with human presence.

So far, the video already has reached more than 130,000 views and it’s been targeted by social networks.

But, before you ruin the moment, better enjoy the video below: