A service dog helps a policeman pacify brawlers at Mcdonald’s

The incident occurred at about 7:25 p.m. on Jan 5 when Corporal Alan Lee and his four-legged partner Zeus got a call bout a fight at the McDonald’s restaurant on Maricamp Road the city of Ocala (Marion County, Florida, USA), where several young people using their fists sorted out their relationship.

Cpl. Lee failed to pacify the superior combatants and he released his faithful assistant, who immediately neutralized the main brawler who disobeyed the order of the policeman.

One young man jumped over a fence onto a table on a patio to get away from K9 Zeus, the video showed.

But the dog was only interested in holding Simpkins- a former defensive back for Vanguard High School’s football team, until Cpl. Lee was able to take him into custody, the video showed.

k9 dog breaks brawling at mc donalds usa

According to media reports, the second police officer who arrived later arrested the restless athlete, who was later released on bail of $ 1,000. Other minor participants in the clash were also detained and received administrative penalties. It remains unknown what became the reason for the long brawl between young people.

“Our colleague was in a position where he needed the assistance of a service dog for his own safety, who immediately attacked his partner’s offender and neutralized him,” said Cecilia Kun, county sheriff’s spokeswoman.

Source: Blue Lives Matter