A grandmother lost her wedding ring in a family garden. 13 years later, she found the ring in the most unexpected place

The first time Mary Grams realized that her wedding ring was gone, she knew she must have left it somewhere in her family garden.

Fearing that her husband might be disappointed with her careless act, she went to look for the precious ring in the garden, searching and clearing the earth in hopes of a glance at her ring.

However, she failed to find. Mary gave up and bought a ring and prayed that her husband would not notice the replacement ring.

13 years later, Mary’s daughter-in-law, Kolena went to the garden to get some fresh vegetables for dinner. As soon as Kolena washed the carrots, she noticed that a carrot looked very strange.

Kolena was surprised to see a carrot stuck in the ring! Her husband Brian said her wife later asked him about the ring, “Do you know anything about this ring?”

Brian recalled that her mother, Mary, had lost her engagement in the garden so he responded, “I think I do. Mom lost (a ring) quite a few years ago. ”

It turned out that the ring was really Mary’s! The funny thing that Mary’s husband never noticed about the ring Mary had worn after losing what was true was a replacement. Mary had kept the ring replaced for 8 years until her husband died in 2012. The original engagement ring was given by her husband in 1951. “I didn’t tell him because I thought he was going to curse me,” said Mary