A dog makes it clear to his owner that it’s time going for a walk

A dog makes it clear – that it’s time to go out

A dog tries to communicate with his owner, as he tries to tell him that he wants to go out for a walk, but the man doesn’t seem to understand. He gives him a little help. With the help of his eyes, he shows the leash hanging on the door.

I’ve trained my dog to “show me” and point/look at what he wants. It makes it soo much easier than endless barking and trying to decipher what it means. It’s like we have our own little language.

The basics was when he would exhibit a behavior like the dog above I would give him whatever he wanted. Or a treat. Sometimes I would have to be persistent and patient but my dog caught on very quickly. I try to reward the behavior I want to see then put a word to it. Sorry if this isn’t helpful. My dog is so smart I can’t really take any credit.