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9 Facts About The Country With The Happiest People in The World


9 Facts About The Country With The Happiest People in The World

9 Facts About The Country With The Happiest People in The World

In the list of the happiest countries in the world, at least until 2019, Finland tops. In a country where patriotism is prevalent, 99% of people go to saunas at least once a week and on the streets of small towns, you can see deer strolling.

But what are people doing there? What’s the happiest place in the world?

1. Finns spend a lot of time outdoors

About 70% of their territory is covered by forests. Therefore, people feel comfortable and protected when surrounded by a nature like this. They spend most of their time cycling or hiking.

2. Drinking water is free

Finland is often referred to as the land of a thousand lakes. Their water is so pure that you can drink it there, as it requires no filtration process. Almost every restaurant offers a free water bottle, even if you forget to order the waiter.

3. There it becomes the best pizza in the world

Three years ago, Finland was declared the best pizza place in the world, leaving behind Italy and its fame for magical pizza.

4. The country is one of the leaders in waste recycling

5. Various weird sports competitions take place

Sports are an integral part of Finnish life. In addition to the sports we all know, they run some special competitions, for example; cellphone jumping, mosquito hunting, running with the woman on his back and much more.

6. It was the first place that gave every citizen the right to access the Internet

7. There, fathers spend more time with their children than mothers

In Finland, fathers play a key role in raising and caring for children.

8. There is also the Christmas Santa Claus town

A small village in the Lapland region of Finland called Joulupukki is said to be the birthplace of grandfather. Throughout the year, people can come to visit the Finnish Santa Claus, who has a real passport. His date of birth is said to be “long ago” and his status is “married” to the “Old Lady of Christmas”, called Joulupukki.

9. Education is free

Education in Finland requires a good knowledge of English and native languages. In both schools and universities, education is free for European citizens. Education in this country is considered one of the best in the world.

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