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9 Curiosities You Didn’t Know About the Moon



9 Curiosities You Didn’t Know About the Moon

9 Curiosities You Didn’t Know About the Moon

The Moon is a place full of trivia, secrets, things that you didn’t know.. In this list of curious facts about the Moon you will learn interesting and pretty amazing things of our natural satellite.

1. A person weighing 45 pounds on Earth would weigh 8.05 pounds on Moon.

2. Moon rotates on its own axis approximately the same time it circles the Earth (27 days). This means that from Earth we only see around 60% of its surface.

3. The opposite side has only been seen by humans from the Space Station.

4. Moon moves approx. 3.8 cm away from our planet each year. It’s estimated that it will continue to do so for around 50 billion years. For when that happens, the Moon will take 47 days to orbit the Earth rather than 27.3 days.

5. Moon has no atmosphere, which means that it’s not protected from cosmic rays, meteorites and solar winds, and has enormous temperature variations. The lack of atmosphere means that you can’t hear any sound on the Moon, and the sky is always black.

6. The cratered surface of the Moon is the result of intense impact of space rocks millions of years ago.

7. Earthquakes occur on the Moon. The gravitational attraction of the Earth causes small earthquakes several kilometers from the surface, causing breakage and cracks. It is believed that, like Earth, the moon has a molten core.

8. It would take hundreds of thousands of moons to match the brightness of the Sun.

9. During a lunar eclipse, when the Moon moves towards Earth’s shadow, the surface temperature can go down around 500 degrees F (300 degrees C) in less than 90 minutes.

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