7 Home technologies that seem to be taken out of Black Mirror

The future reached us without realizing it. Nowadays, there are technologies and gadgets that seem to be taken out of fiction and that are already part of our reality.

In this article we show you some advances that are already available out there and that are very useful for the home. Many of these technologies are intended to facilitate and solve problems of everyday life.

Would you like to implement some gadget or technology in your home?

LG Styler

Besides having a very attractive design that can look and match super well in a room, this closet washes, irons and perfumes clothes. With minimal effort you can have your clothes always ready to use. Forget about hand washing, laundries or the unnecessary expense water in your home… When would we’ve imagined something like this?

Panasonic Steam Oven

This oven is ideal if you want to forget about cooking oil. You can prepare EVERYTHING you want with pure steam, preserving the vital vitamins and nutrients of every food for healthy eating. It has a humidity sensor and water tank. Just what we need to forget about junk food and have more time for ourselves.

Nest Surveillance Camera

If you want to ensure security in your home, you can install this camera that plugs into an outlet and resists different temperatures, as well as strong winds or storms. In addition, you can link to a mobile application for Android and iOS in order to allow users to view all images from the smartphone. Similarly, if the camera detects any unusual movement, it will send an alert.

Samsung Star Wars Vacuum Cleaners

Star Wars vacuum cleaners that are inspired by the Dark side of the Force, such as Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers, work autonomously with a technology called “Visionary Mapping” whose objective is for the devices to remember the route of the rooms and thus find other cleaning routes that are more efficient. You do not have to move a single finger to make your home clean. Besides, they’re Star Wars and they look adorable.

Robot Bot Care by Samsung

Samsung has been betting on the advancement of Robotics and artificial intelligence. Bot Care is a personal care assistant who can deal with a range of health monitoring tasks. The robot takes your blood pressure and heart rate. While it does not replace health care, you can at least give yourself an idea of your health status.

The Frame Screen

The Frame is a line of screens that Samsung has , whose peculiarity is that they look like artistic pictures. When you turn off your TV, it will put the painting image on automatic. There is a wide repertoire of works for you to choose the one that convinces you most. In this way, the screen, in addition to functioning as a normal television, will serve as an ornament.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Either of these two intelligent assistants will make life easier. You can connect them to other devices so your home becomes smart. In addition, both Alexa and Google Assistant, can inform you about the latest news and help you never forget your responsibilities.