5 Technological Tricks for Travelers

We present some quick and practical solutions for disorganized travelers, forgetful and for the family in general.

Part of the traveling excitement is spontaneous moments, as long as they do not involve accidents with your devices or accessories. The following tricks will be useful both for those disorganized or forgetful travelers who don’t have time to accommodate their equipment perfectly, and for those who travel with friends and family.

If you forgot your “charger”

Some hotels already have USB ports to charge electronic devices. However, if the place you are staying in doesn’t count on them, we recommend you look for USB inputs of your room’s TV and use them to charge your smartphone. They are usually on the back or side of the screen.

If you want to use your Netflix account at the hotel

If you want to use your Netflix account at the hotel

Whether you and your companions want to set a movie night or investigate what content the platform offers in other countries, a good solution is to pack a Google Chromecast and connect it to the hotel TV. They don’t weigh much, the installation is fast and will also serve to see the photos of the trip.

If you want to have your accessories in one place

Another trick to load your cables and prevent them being ruined or entangled is to use a lens case (hard case) to store them. This will also take care of dust, splashes or sand, particularly if you are traveling with your headphones to the beach or if you are camping.

If you forgot to connect/charge the phone

Did you forget to charge your equipment and in a few minutes you must leave the hotel? Connect/put the phone in ‘airplane mode’ so that the charging speed increases. And even better, the next time you travel take with you an extra battery and connect it during the night to have a backup the next day.

If your smartphone’s cable is ruined

In case your precious cable has been damaged, and you don’t have time or money to go buy another one, ask in the hotel if they’ve any among the lost items. It is likely that other guests have forgotten their chargers or, as a last resort, that some hotel employee is willing to share theirs with you.