20 Animals, Looking At Them, You’re Bound To Smile (22 Photos)

Selection of amazing and beautiful photos taken by patient photographers. Such shots are guaranteed to improve your mood.

Cute baby

Cute baby

Grow big and strong!

It’s more fun together

frogs sing

We’re not afraid of dirt and sand. We go and sing!

On the hunt

“So you need to freeze in the air to get yourself food. That’s what my mother taught me.”

Terrible look

Sit down, get a ride!

“Did you see yourself in the mirror? It’s hilarious.

My swamp is a complete delight

We flew here.

“”Mom, get me a new toy!”

A moment of rest

Moms of growing babies can fall asleep at any time, anywhere: “When I was pregnant, I could not sleep at all.

Either the pillow is not soft enough, the mattress is too hard. And when the kids were born, it happens, I’ll get up by the door, and she’s so soft, soft. ”

ideal hid

Who’s there? Iguana, chameleon or something?

Incredible footage

Squirrels are beautiful, even when the back foot is itchy.

Whose shadow is it?

Some very thin turned out in the shade.

Men’s Conversation

Did you go around my house at night?

Listening carefully? Or watching?

A smile!

I don’t want to be a photographer.

Don’t peep!

So that’s why the image of these eye-catching night birds is so popular. Because they’re not usually cute!

I got up to my full height and blocked the forest

Did you know that the Himalayan bear is almost half the size of a brown bear? It differs from it in a more slender physique, a thin sharp-nosed muzzle, large rounded ears; forepaws paws are stronger than hind legs. Males of this species are 150-170 cm long, about 80 cm high in the withers, weigh 120-140 kg.

Puts Like

The right place to choose!

Hyena smile

What do you think, kind smile or sinister? And how many teeth!

Headless penguins

Probably sleeping?

And let accordion

And the smile is corrected by Photoshop. But how cute! Have a good mood.

What are you looking at?

Fasting is over!